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Working with Blockchain companies since 2013

Develop your idea with Blockchain technology, Drive sales, Strategize for the unknown. Vanbex Group.

The blockchain provides unparalleled opportunities for transactional security, storage, authentication, and control. Leveraging blockchain is one of a business's most powerful ways to get ahead of the market and increase your edge.

Real-time & Delayed Transactions

The blockchain removes intermediary processes and delivers real-time and delayed delivery of digital assets.

Cryptographically Secure

Built using cryptographic encryption standards, the blockchain is both hack-proof and tamper proof.

Fully Auditable

Designed to keep a consistent record store of information as a single source of truth, completely traceable and unalterable.

Public vs Private

Public blockchains allow open access to transaction information, private blockchains keep these details private.

Industry Insights and Knowledge

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Our Services

Business Strategy

Whether you're looking to gain market share, attract a new customer base, or innovate on existing models - we help you get there.

Operations & Advisory

From raising capital to establishing banking partners, we've helped clients worldwide set up new operations and define new processes.

Product Development

Our team covers every aspect of new product creation from ideation to beta launch.

Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

We work hands on from your technical plan and business goals to develop the strategy and content for the successful launch of your coin/token.

Marketing & Communications

Part of executing a defined business strategy requires the narrative and momentum.

Technology Integration

Identifying the right technology platform to execute your business goals is just the beginning of what we do.

About The Vanbex Group

The Vanbex Group was created out of passion and interest in the subject of Bitcoin and blockchain technology. Today, we stand behind some of the most innovative and exciting projects in the industry to design and direct successful stratgies in business, marketing, communications, and product reqiurements.

Our vision is simple, to lead and support innovative technologies and teams in this industry to help bring about a realized vision of sustainable technology, security driven architecture, and untapped potential for disrupting legacy systems.

Our strategy is direct, we work with companies who have already considered the potential for blockchain technology to innovate the way they do business. This means that we work hands on with companies to communicate their message and achieve their goals- We work with companies in all stages of their development in all aspects of the industry from grass roots to high level achievement.


What People Said

Vanbex helped us get great online exposure, including multiple large engagements through Reddit and blogs. We would highly recommend them to anyone else.

Logo for Storj
Shawn Wilkinson: Storj.io
Lead Developer & Founder

Vanbex really knows their audience and is great at using the right platforms to reach the right people. It would have been impossible for us to have gotten up to speed so quickly without them.

Logo for Clef
Brennen Byrne: Clef

Vanbex provided the personalized support and expertise Factom needed to spread the word about its technology and become one of the most recognized brands in the Blockchain space.

Logo for Factom
David A. Johnston: Factom
Chairman of the Board

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Working at the forefront of digital currency and blockchain has given us deep knowledge of this emerging industry. We created the Vanbex Report to share insight and opinion to encourage thought provoking discussion.

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